Southeast Region

Marriott EDITON Hotel and Residences

Project Overview

Baker co-workers in the Southeast Region are helping to bring one of the Marriott’s most prestigious hotel brands to Florida’s Gulf coast with the Tampa EDITON Hotel and Residences project. The Baker team is providing a complete shell package for the 27-story, 370,000 square foot facility.

Located in the heart of the Water Street development, the facility will be home to Tampa’s first five-star hotel and 37 exclusive condominiums.

The design includes several unique and complex building elements that demand a high degree of expertise to execute. For example, the amenities level, which includes a rooftop pool, dining, fitness center and spa, requires cast-in-place beams up to 80 inches deep.

Baker co-workers have shown true Grit as they work around the challenges of a space-constrained site that is adjacent to other active construction projects. Baker’s portion of the work is slated for completion in early 2021.




Tampa, FL


18,500 cy

Completion Date:

Spring 2021