Safety. Our way of life.

Baker lives by safety. We create an injury-free life for our co-workers, clients and construction partners through a concept called Incident and Injury Free (IIF).

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Living IIF.

IIF stands as a personal and organizational commitment to creating a work environment free from injury; it depends on each co-worker’s personal dedication to safety, and encourages the responsibility to hold one another accountable for the safety and well-being of all co-workers, clients, partners, families and friends.

Safety does not end with the close of the workday, but extends into all aspects of our lives.

We honor a culture that keeps people safe by…

  • Accepting personal responsibility for our own and others’ safety
  • Sharing knowledge, best practices, tools and resources
  • Investing in learning and development
  • Taking action, always and immediately
  • Expecting similar dedication from our construction partners
  • Honoring people who live safe and healthy lives

Commitment.  Zero injuries.

We build a culture committed to IIF. Our continuous improvement initiatives empower co-workers to take an active role in creating a safe workplace. Baker offers company-wide, targeted new-hire orientation programs, scheduled safety trainings, weekly “tool box” talks on job sites, observation programs, period reviews and annual safety week celebrations to help co-workers prevent incidents from occurring.

In an effort to “practice what we preach,” Baker implemented comprehensive safety programs that allow us to deliver on our commitment to safety. Our safety programs include:

Safety Management

In an effort to integrate safety into every aspect of our business, Baker placed a Vice President of Risk Technology and Corporate Safety Director as members of our corporate staff. Along with them, we have regional Safety Managers located at offices throughout the country. Management personnel, from the president to the first line supervisor, attend formal safety training sessions constantly. This improves safety awareness and provides instruction for implementing safety regulations on construction sites. When required, Baker also provides safety training to co-workers at job sites, helping them to prevent injury by recognizing and eliminating unsafe work conditions.

New Hire Orientation

Every Baker co-worker attends safety orientation training before beginning their work. We issue each new hire a Baker Safety Handbook and present them our safety training videos: available in both English and Spanish.

Scheduled Training

Throughout the year, Baker schedules OSHA recertification training sessions. In addition, various positions receive sessions on a more frequent basis; field supervisors receive weekly safety training sessions; and specialized safety training for job-specific tasks, such as rigging, scaffolding and trenching, are offered throughout the year.

Periodic Job Review

Baker’s corporate Safety Director and Safety Task Force conduct periodic job reviews to ensure full compliance with Baker’s Safety Policies, OSHA and any other applicable local, state or federal regulations. The Safety Director and/or Safety Task Force Specialist assesses the effectiveness level and performance of all job site personnel in meeting Baker Safety Standards, as well as those required by any other regulatory body. Before the Safety Specialist leaves the job site, all areas requiring improvement are addressed and communicated to each co-worker on-site, and corrective measures are taken.

Weekly “Tool Box” Discussions

Each week, fifteen-minute “Tool Box” safety talks are distributed to the first-line supervisors. Specific topics are suggested for discussion; more importantly, supervisors are requested to review recent injuries, unsafe acts, additions to Hazard Communications and upcoming work requiring special crew precautions.

Accident Reporting and Documentation

Accident reports are reviewed by the Safety Director, Regional Safety Manager and Project Manager. Corrective action is taken when required.