Intern + Co-op Opportunities

You have big plans for your future. We’ll help you achieve them. Work shoulder-to-shoulder with experts and mentors at the top of their game to solve complex challenges and build in-demand skills.

A Strong Foundation for Building Your Career

Learn how to do it right the first time. Through extensive mentoring, on-the-job training, and hands-on assistance, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to move forward and upward.

Real-world responsibilities. Limitless opportunities.

Join a team that invests in your success in the classroom and the field. We recruit talented co-ops and interns during school and summer terms for a variety of fields, including:

Field Supervision

Project Management



Preconstruction Services

Student Program

Our student program is rigorously structured to provide hands-on experience and exposure to best practices and cutting-edge technology. You will:

  • Work side-by-side with experienced professionals.
  • Help solve real challenges that will have a lasting impact on the environments where people live, work, and play.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of career pathways in the construction industry.
  • Build connections within our company and the industry.


Visit us at an upcoming career fair.

We will be on-site or virtually attending the following upcoming 2022 Career Fairs. Please visit organization sites for additional details.


  • Sep. 27: Indiana State Univ – Const Mgmt
  • Sep. 27: Colorado State University
  • Sep. 28: North Carolina State University
  • Sep. 28: George Mason University
  • Sep. 28: University of Maryland
  • Sep. 28: Arizona State University
  • Sep. 28: East Carolina University
  • Sep. 28: University of Wisconsin
  • Sep. 29: Texas State Construction & Concrete Fair
  • Sep. 29: Bowling Green State Univ
  • Sep. 30: Purdue University-Const Mgmt
  • Sep. 30: University of Pittsburgh – ASCE Fair


  • Oct. 4: Penn College of Technology
  • Oct. 4: University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • Oct. 5: Rose Hulman
  • Oct. 5: Monterrey Tech
  • Oct. 5: Montana State University
  • Oct. 6: University of Houston
  • Oct. 7: Kent State University
  • Oct. 11: Western Carolina University
  • Oct. 13: Clemson University
  • Oct. 17: Florida International University
  • Oct. 18: Old Dominion University
  • Oct. 18: Northern Arizona University
  • Oct. 19: Middle Tennessee State University
  • Oct. 20: Brigham Young University
  • Oct. 26: Idaho State University
  • Oct. 27: Fairmont State University
  • Oct. 27: Ferris State University


  • Nov. 4: Ft. Hood Career Fair
  • Nov. 8: Williamson College of the Trades
  • Nov. 14-15: ASC Region 2 Competition in Peachtree City, GA