Baker has met the needs of more than 1,400 manufacturing facilities for over 30 years. We are qualified in a wide range of facilities, from automotive to pharmaceutical industries. Our highly-skilled co-workers are experienced in heavy foundations and specialty floors, including high strength and high tolerance. Having had industrial experience with unique scheduling, logistical challenges and active operations, our co-workers are flexible with the adaptive constraints of each and every project.

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Baker has delivered several projects in the power market, including petroleum refineries, liquefied natural gas projects, power plants, ethanol plants, nuclear facilities and specialized manufacturing facilities. Baker understands the complexity of each unique project, working with our clients to increase efficiency, maintain availability and reduce environmental impact.


As a direct result of our manufacturing experience, Baker is capable of working with unique scheduling and logistical challenges to conquer expanded project scopes. In the past, we have worked as a primary contractor to master accelerated schedules and work around active facility operations to meet and exceed our clients’ needs.