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Our preconstruction capabilities, responsiveness and open communication foster priceless client solutions.

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Thought on the forefront.

Baker knows success is found where preparation and opportunity meet. That’s why we provide a variety of preconstruction services designed to guarantee a well-rounded service experience for each client.


Our preconstruction teams have significant experience with all types of concrete construction, making our co-workers invaluable in determining the most efficient, cost-effective way to build every detail of a project.

We utilize conceptual estimates; on- and off-site design assist and value-engineering processes; and seasoned project scheduling efforts to ensure the most cost-effective, schedule-driven budgets. We coordinate work activities with other trades to help build a detailed master schedule for the entire project.

Preconstruction services include:

  • Conceptual estimating
  • Project scheduling
  • Design assist and value engineering

Our responsiveness, open communication and dedication to building strong, lifelong relationships drives us to develop solutions that prevail.