Baker knows success is found where preparation and opportunity meet. Our preconstruction specialists are highly effective at determining the most efficient, cost-effective way to build every detail of a project. Their skills and insights result in safer, faster, smarter, and better processes and outcomes.


Conceptual Estimating

Make feasibility decisions with confidence based on accurate estimates that combine decades of experience with current and local market conditions.

Project Scheduling

Chart a path to success with a comprehensive schedule that links achievable milestones with project goals.

Design Assist and Value Engineering

Uncover cost saving opportunities, improve constructability, reduce risk, and optimize project outcomes.

Guided by Lean Construction Principles

The Lean directive to deliver value at the highest level possible spurs our co-workers to think beyond ordinary parameters. Beginning with preconstruction and continuing throughout the project, we rely on Lean principles to drive efficiency into our operations. By eliminating re-work and waiting with well-defined deliverables, we reduce risk and create more certainty for our clients.


By using advanced construction technologies to create process flows, discover conflicts, and collaboratively solve challenges before construction begins, we help our clients get to market faster.

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Sustainable Construction Guidance

Our team can advise on the proper tools, studies, and certifications needed to reach a project’s sustainability goals.

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“I’ve relied on Baker Concrete for preconstruction and construction services for more than 10 years, and they have always followed through on their promises. If you want a team that’s capable of handling big projects and willing to do whatever it takes to get it done, Baker will deliver.”

DOUG YORK | Alliance Construction Solutions | Denver, Colorado