Southern Region

National Enrichment Facility

Project Overview

Baker’s scope included building layout and dimensional control, excavation and backfill of footings, placement of Control Low Slump Material as backfill, procurement and installation of reinforcing materials, installation of anchor bolts and embeds (procured by others), procurement and installation of water-stop components, erection and dismantlement of gang wall formwork systems, hoisting and erection via Baker furnished tower crane, and placement of all concrete. Also included as a part of our scope was procurement and installation of the electrical systems, HVAC systems, compressed air system, nitrogen system, life safety systems (fire alarm, fire suppression, smoke detections) architectural systems, building envelope, and site utilities. The UBC storage pad which included crane foundations, crane rails, and storage slab was also performed by Baker.


All projects include:


SBM 1001X

SBM 1003/1004

SBM 1005/1006

Multiple UBC Pads


This work was performed under NQA-1 standards. Baker provided QA/QC and Safety oversight and management.




Eunice, NM


75,000 cy

Completion Date: