Baker has delivered several projects in the power market, including petroleum refineries, liquefied natural gas projects, power plants, ethanol plants, nuclear facilities and specialized manufacturing facilities. Because of our vast experience, Baker truly understands the complexity of each unique project, working with our clients to increase efficiency, maintain availability and reduce environmental impact.

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With extensive experience working in the petrochem industry, Baker understands the particular administrative, quality and safety requirements typical of related projects. Our co-workers have gained the experience to complete these complex projects, including petrochemical refineries and ethanol and liquefied natural gas storage facilities.

Fossil Fuel

Our in-house resources and equipment are instantly mobilized for all projects, from upgrades to full-scale plant construction. Baker’s experience encompasses a variety of projects contributing to fossil fuel energy, including our in-house resources and equipment and our clients’ tanks, silos, large foundations, tunnels, walls and total packages.


Baker’s commitment to a renewable energy future comes from its desire to address our clients’ specific needs through a variety of construction and related services. Our expertise in renewable energy includes wind, hydro, geothermal, solar and biomass markets. Baker has the resources to meet each project’s objectives with an unmatched efficiency, flexibility and service.


Baker is an organization that takes pride in the safety and standards of our work, utilizing our highly-educated co-workers equipped with the training and experience to work on nuclear projects. Baker maintains stringent standards to produce efficiency in a safe environment, and involves itself in the critical processes of each project to ensure its adherence to construction regulations.