Since 1988, our experienced and dedicated teams have invested their efforts in more than 1,200 Civil projects. Our teams effectively manage rigorous administrative, quality and safety requirements typical of civil projects. Working with government regulations and public sector constraints, our flexible approach provides the right solution for our clients’ needs.

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For more than 40 years, Baker has helped travelers reach their destinations through public and private projects nationwide. From bus terminals to airports, Baker responds to high quality needs and demanding controls without comprising the facilities’ logistics. We possess the solutions to help our clients get their ever-expanding and newly-created projects built right and built fast.

Water Resources

Baker has worked on a number of projects for water treatment and supply plants within close proximity to our regional operations. We developed a system for building exact forms to ensure minimal rework at construction joints. Together, our teams, clients and partners create sustainable and environmentally-friendly end products that guarantee a continuous flow of clean water.