Building better structures and better lives to be a great place to work and a great company to work with.

A Different Way: The Baker Way

Here, business is personal. We treat co-workers and customers like family, and we put family first. Our goals, decisions and actions focus on building a better future for everyone who comes in contact with Baker Concrete.


Practice the Golden Rule. Whatever we want the Outside Customer to feel, our Inside Customer must feel first.


We are dedicated and make decisions that allow us to operate at the highest standards of compliance and integrity.


For over 50-years disciplined tenacity, will and drive are key drivers of Baker Concrete.

At Baker We...

Put People First

Business Unit strength depends on the strength of each of us. We achieve that strength by treating all people with dignity and respect.

Respect Baker’s History, Promote its Legacy

Cherish the values the company was founded on and live by them.

Agree How We Lead Matters Most

Lead by example. Leadership and personal commitment to “The Baker Way” must be visible and unequivocal.

Are One Team with One Mission

Function as a singular unit of Concrete Construction Warriors.

Show Integrity Always

Do what is right even when no one is looking. Own your actions.

Value Diversity

Foster a culture of inclusion that harnesses our broad diversity, individual creativity, and the relationship between labor and management.

Give Back

Be generous to those less fortunate. Be dutiful to Mother Earth and protect our natural and cultural resources. Support the concrete construction industry and invest in training, development, and mentorship.

Continuously Improve

Challenge the status quo, anticipate changing needs and build new teams, processes, and technologies to make it happen.

Demonstrate Unrivaled Work Ethic

Exhibit an intense, positive attitude and unwavering commitment to excellence in all we do. Continually build capabilities that enable us to dominate concrete construction operations in all dimensions.

Are Customer Centric

Our dedication to the customer shows in everything we do. Add value to our customers by listening, understanding their needs, and offering solutions.

Value Time and Mobility Time

Time is of the essence. Start each day on time, make the most of our time, and meet or exceed schedule. Travel anywhere our clients need us to go and move with urgency.

Work Incident-and Injury-Free

Eliminate all workplace incidents and injuries. Safety is a valued responsibility of all team members. Safety is never compromised.

Salute an Everyday Hero

Do you know a co-worker who consistently demonstrates the values of People, Honor, and Grit every day at Baker? We want to hear their story. Share your nomination with us, and you might earn Baker Bucks to spend here.

  • Living the Baker Way

    “People have been key to Baker Concrete’s success the first 50 years and that will be the case in the next. At times, the going may have been a little tough, but the Baker tough kept going. Our success comes from our people, our honorable ways, and the grit we show each day on each job.”

    Dan Baker